Saturday, 22 November 2014

The Best Of Me (2014)

I went to the cinema yesterday with a friend and we planned to watch The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. But it didn't happen. I was on my Artificial Intelligence exam and I thought i'll get it done quickly but NOO! Thanks, AI. And also I forgot that it's Friday and I haven't booked the seats. Brilliant of me!

I was already in the cinema so I definitely should at least watch something and The Best Of  Me is up next. Okay. I enjoy The Notebook and Safe Haven, it's sweet and romantic so what's the harm? I mean it's Nicholas Sparks's work.

Enough with my lame story and let's get to it shall we?

"You never forget your first love" That's the sentence that describe the whole story of this film. There you go. THE END.                 Guys. No. Wait. Okay. So.

The Best Of Me is about a couple, Dawson (James Mardsen/Luke Bracey) and Amanda (Michelle Monaghan/Liana Liberato) who fell in love while they were in high school. They both perfect for each other, they are happy together but Amanda's dad seems to don't like Dawson because Dawson is a poor kid with no future and Amanda is a rich girl with daddy's money.

Hang on, I think I already watch a movie with a plot like this before, but what? Oh got it. I note it in my book.

Not only that but you know we live in a messed up world so bad things happened to those two and ended up drifted apart. Then 21 years later they met again don't know where don't know when, well actually they met back home because one of their friend passed away and he wants them to be there together. It's just two of them together and it bring back so many memories and you know what happen next.

I have no problem with this film because I love romance drama and romance comedy or anything with romance in it but I still picky sometimes about it. I enjoy it and I have a little game with my friend where we guessed what is going to happened next and we are right. So that's fun.

What bothered me was the shots. There are a couple of shots that I noticed sort of different with others and right here I'm talking about the frame rates. It moved much faster and kind of made my eyes hurt. But overall I think the film is romantic but predictable. So enjoy the movie okay?

Rating: 3/5

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