Saturday, 12 July 2014

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

You know, I always excited for certain book from my favorite author to come out like John Green, Jennifer E. Smith, Rick Riordan and also the one that I most ecstatic about, Rainbow Rowell. I’ve read all of her work like Attachments, Eleanor and Park, Fangirl. And now it’s time for her fourth book called Landline. (Whaaaaaatttt!).
I’ve been waiting for so long (since finished Fangirl) to able get my hands on this book. To get to read something written by her. To be amaze again by her writing and the characters and of course the story the she brings to her novel. To able to laugh and cry on the romantic, charming, intense and quirky side of the book. Now everyone, it’s time! 

Landline is a bit different from Fangirl or Eleanor and Park (which they are YA’s book) because Landline is an adult book. Well not really that different though. You still gonna get that unique Rainbow Rowell’s writing and the whole thing. 

The story starts with a married couple Georgie and Neal. Georgie is a comedy TV writer and Neal is a home-stay dad.  Christmas is coming and they have this trip planned out to visit Neal’s mother in Omaha but something came up for Georgie. She has to stay in L.A and working with Seth (her best friend) to write 4 scripts for her new show and if the network picked the show, this is will be her big break and this is something that her and Seth always had in mind to write. Now it’s the hard part to telling it to Neal but in the end it’s her staying in L.A and Neal going to Omaha with the kids. It makes her to think, what does this mean for their relationship? 

Just like other Rowell’s book, I enjoyed it so much. I don’t read adult much so I kind of hesitate to read it but this is Rainbow Rowell that we’re talking about and I always love her book and there’s no way I’m missing this one and so be it. I read it through the pages, all I did was laughing and smiling. I love this book has science fiction (sort of) stuff with the not-exactly time travel through Georgie yellow rotary telephone in her mother’s house. There are two stories that being told, the present and the past (in 1998 through that telephone). In this context Georgie try to figure out what has she done wrong, was it wrong from the beginning. Does she and Neal are meant to be? Those questions keep me hook to the book with answers waiting on the next page. 

I can’t get enough the romance of it when Georgie tell the story about her and Neal back then in 1998 and how they fall in love, how that is happened, things that mattered to them. It’s all about her decision and also chance that given to her to fixed it or possibly ruin it (the relationship).Also Seth, Heather and Georgie’s mom’s characters completed the story and make it much stronger.

This book is amazing and wonderful. It’s realistic, charming, sweet and romantic which is what Rainbow Rowell is all about. My question now is: What’s next on Rowell’s work?

P.S: There's an easter egg hidden somewhere on this book about a couple from Rowell's earlier work. Who are they? Did you find it? Tell me in the comment box bellow! 

Rating: 5/5

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