Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Castle S06E09 - Disciple

Two words that got out of my mouth after this episode, HOLY CRAP! Castle really bring its best this season. The story and the case have been so amazing since season 6 started but this one is my or probably your favorite so far this season. 

Disciple written by David Amann who also happens to be the one who wrote 3XK episode. So now, you know where are we going?  Not so fast... So this is what's going on:


A security guard found a body in a dock and guess what? The victim, Pam Hodges is Lanie's doppelganger. Odd? Even weirder it's not only the face that looks the same but everything, very last detail like tattoo and products that Lanie use. After do some checking on Pam, turns out she does not look like as she used to and it leads Castle and Beckett to Dr. Kelly Nieman (played by Annie Wersching), a plastic surgeon who did the surgery on Pam. Of course Beckett and Castle are questioning the doctor, "She's brought a picture a friend of hers, and Pam want to look a bit more like her friend." Then this is when Beckett's phone rang. Esposito and Ryan able to locate the marina based on photo pulled by Tory. 

Esposito and Ryan get on the boat and a surprise has been waiting for them. There's a guy on the boat hang the exact same with the way Pam's body was found. The twist? It's Esposito's doppelganger who's hanged right there. 2 victims 2 doppelganger of 12th precinct's member. So who's next? Ryan or Castle or Beckett? The male victim is Daniel Santos and he has nothing that connected him and Pam except Dr. Nieman. Santos dropped off on Nieman's apartment on the night he died. Dr. Nieman in the interrogation room with Beckett now, hoping that Beckett can break her but Nieman not even close to a confession. She's keep saying how beautiful Beckett-but not perfect-and she can fix her which is weird and Nieman said this whole thing a set up and this all part of  'whoever did this' plan to waste Beckett's time and Nieman's. The way she said it, she's definitely up to something and it's big, we just don't know what yet. 

Castle, now have a doubt about Nieman being the killer and Ryan reveals Nieman's alibi is solid. Ryan and Tory pull the security camera on Nieman's apartment and see Santo's left the building and get into a car that belongs to Carl Matthew, the security guard that found Pam's body. It makes Castle think Matthew can't be work alone he must has partner, a partner who dealt with this before someone who has same MO and the one who wants this to happen, "3XK". Castle and Beckett went to a file storage to see Tyson's file but what they found? Nothing. No files or anything. It had been checked out by Esposito or it what "he" wants everyone think. Not just the files's gone, all ME reports about Tyson also gone, checked out by who? Dr. Lanie Parish. Make sense now? "SON OF BITCHES BACK". Well not exactly back back.

They located Matthew in the same motel and the same room as Jerry Tyson was in the Season 3. Interrogating Matthew is easy part, he confessed to every murder he's done but he's failed answer one of Beckett's question which he's suspected might be working with Tyson, but he's confessed anyway. At the end of interrogation Matthew said "I know you think you've got this figured out, but you don't" and it is so intrigued.

Ryan gives the news to Castle and Beckett about when Tyson was beat up by inmate it was real and the one who treat him in the infirmary is Dr. Kelly Nieman. The odds are that Nieman started working in the prison when Tyson arrived and quit when he released. 3XK and Dr. Kelly Nieman, they definitely have connection. They went to Nieman office but everything has been cleared up and all left is a pen and a note. Change the place, now Castle and Beckett on Castle's loft and the pen turns out to be a flash drive. Castle popped it in on his laptop and a song play, We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn. "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when..."

 This is where things get so tense and creepy as the song keep playing, Beckett and Castle face turn to something you must recognize, and the camera keep closing up. The ending work perfectly, it brings chill and fear to me, to us probably and what we do now are waiting, sit tight for the writer to write another a hell of continuation episode. The episode also really bring another 'enemy' which is Dr. Nieman that her status still unknown. Question are When Nieman will be back? Will she be with 3XK next time? 

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