Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now takes place in Oklahoma with Sutter Keely as the first person who told the story. Story about high school and teenagers will never end eventually, there's a lot more to it from different perspective and now its Sutter Keely.

If you have any party, make sure to invite Sutter Keely. Everyone loves the Sutterman, he might not be perfect but he's one of those people you would like to hang with. Sutter is a guy who always has 7UP and whiskey in his hands, like to party, has a beautiful girlfriend Cassidy and best friend Ricky on his side. Then Aimee Finnecky come along to his life.

So Keely is a drinker and party people doesn't mean he's one of those bad guy with bad attitude, well he isn't. Fact that he has this deep side of him, he understands people like how he understand Aimee Finnecky. In the beginning Sutter intend to help Aimee to get friends and makes her confidence but seems that Aimee has fall in love with Sutter and how Sutter can resist it?

The Spectacular Now has a strong characters on Sutter Keely as it main and in this book Tharp was exploring more Keely and his behaviour like the drinking, partying and things that caused what he is now and which all that put really well.into this book. In a while you might find yourself to stop read this book but somehow you couldn't. It's because the bok really well-written and the characters Tharp made up so alive and you might have put yourself on that position, Sutter or Aimee.

And the ending, do I satisfied with it? Well the answer is no...and yes.. Endings are inevitable though so the ending could be just enough for The Spectacular Now.

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