Thursday, 6 February 2014

Enders by Lissa Price

Oooh that's cover is really creepy and so cool!!

After two years or so finally the second book of Starters duology, Enders is out. I am pretty psyched about Enders because I completely hooked with its first book, Starters.

If you haven’t start read this duology this is pretty much you need to know about Starters: the people divided into three level based on their age: Starters (teens), Middle (parents) and Enders (grandparents). Like any dystopian book there must’ve been a wars that cause a mess in the country and it called Spore Wars. After the wars most of the Middle died from the war because they don’t use vaccine to stay alive. The problem start with this Starters don’t have parents anymore and they need to be claimed by their grandparents or Enders. The claimed Starters will stay with their grandparents and most of them are rich and on the other side the unclaimed Starters live with so many threat from marshal or unfriendlies and move around to a place to another to stay alive. Callie is an unclaimed Starters and to stay alive and provide her brother Callie went to Prime Destination, a body bank where the Enders rent Starters body so this Enders can feel young and do what they can’t do as an old people. This is the point where the story started. 

Then now in Enders, Callie is a claimed starters but only the nightmare has not end yet. With Prime being demolished Callie's life and all of the Metal are still in danger, in a second they can explode or in other word they being controlled by who we thought as the Old Man.  

I am glad that Price did not write Enders too long because it would be boring. I love how the plot goes and the idea of body bank but in general you can guess what’ll happen next. On this general idea there are details part and this is the part which I love and made me keep reading and exciting with new kind of adventure. Price adds its creepiness to Enders, there is a new main character that complete the whole story and makes more sense and the twists make me keep saying, “Are you serious?” Well I am satisfied.

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