Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Divergent (2014)

For months I waited for Divergent and now it's finally here then I watched it. All I could think now is 'I WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN AND AGAIN'. It's like a heroine, at least for me.

Based on best selling author Veronica Roth, Divergent is about a young women Tris, where she has to decide to choose which place she thinks she belong. To understand the story, we need to know about the Divergent world itself. In this world society divided into 5 factions which represent 5 personality. There are Abnegation for selfless, Erudite for intelligence, Dauntless for bravery, Candor for honesty and Amity for peace. But behind all of this faction, there's one faction that being left out from the society, The Factionless. 

How people know which faction they have to choose? The teenagers who turn sixteen is obliged to take an Aptitude Test. Just like in the real world, an aptitude test supposed to tell us who we are, in this case what faction we need to choose. One person should have get one faction as their result, but not all of them. There are some people that their result are inconclusive which means they belongs to more than one faction and this people called Divergent. 

This movie Divergent directed by Neil Burger, the man who also behind the making of Limitless, totally nailed in the making of this movie. On my perspective as a person who read the book, what he put on screen are good and also right. I like how the story flow as in they don't rush anything also in the beginning they have Tris's voice, introduce about their world like factions and the test that they are taking. So if I am in a non-reader section, I would still understand what the main idea of the movie is about and I would not walk out of the theater like 'Ok, so the girl met that black suited guy, Four. That guy seems not liking her at first then when her friend try to kill her, Four saved her then they make out. And there's Kate Winslet and what is she doing there again?' kinda thing. And the changes they have for the movie, it's a really good move. The changes actually make the movie more solid and make sense.

Talk about the cast, Shailene Woodley (as Tris), Theo James (as Four), Zoe Kravitz (as Christina), Miles Teller (as Peter) they are pretty bad-ass don't you think? The jump of the train and throwing knives stuff are pretty intense. From director, cast, scriptwriter and everyone involved, well done for making Divergent. And FYI, Neil Burger won't return as the director for Divergent sequel, Insurgent but instead Robert Schwentke from The Time Traveler's Wife and R.I.P.D will. Hoping the sequel will get awesome-r and more bad-ass. OH looking forward to 2015.

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