Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Castle S06E23 - For Better or For Worse - Season Finale

The waiting is over. Beckett and Castle's wedding finally is here. Or does it? 

As you know, Andrew Marlowe and his wife Terri Miller wrote this episode and you wonder what this duo will present us in the finale. 

The episode starts with the couple being happy that they are this close to their wedding day but then have to find out the soon to be Mrs. Castle is actually still married to Rogan O'Leary (portrayed by Eddie McClintock) for 15 YEARS. Beckett try to find her ex-boyfriend Rogan and make him to sign the divorce paper. But the obstacle doesn't ends there just yet. Their wedding pretty much 'a mess'. Let's start from this still married thing to Rogan then they lost the venue because of some circus burn things down and Beckett's wedding dress which also burns out (that's good actually) are pretty much the sign about the wedding, yes?

So the wedding was relocate to the Hamptons and it was lovely with a great view. Beckett is already in her wedding dress (used to be her Mom's) and she was stunning. With everything prepared we're waiting for the groom to come but apparently he doesn't until Kate get a call and next thing you know she came out from a car and running toward something that's definitely not a good thing. 

My thought:
This episode is one of those moments that the audience and fans have been waiting for which is the wedding so everyone get excited for it. Then the plot in the beginning, it was fun without any murder case instead they try to solve Beckett and Rogan thing (I love the man parts joke btw). It was pretty great until BAMM that ending struck me pretty bad and all I left hanging in my mouth was: "Andrew Marlowe, wtf?". We all know this is Castle and its finale always go big and heart breaking also can be cliche but I wasn't expecting this. If any of this has anything to do with 3XK I was thinking that Tyson going to crash the wedding and put his gun on Beckett and Castle's head. I know that he's smart and it's silly for me to think that but I just expect more. 
Am I disappointed? Kind of but I think they doing alright. Season 7 on 5 months, counting down from now. 

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