Friday, 23 May 2014

Mixology Season 1

"This is the story of 10 strangers, one night, and all the stupid, embarrassing, ridiculous things we do To find love."

Looking for a quirky fun show that can keep your heart company? I think I got one.
Mixology, a 13 episodes of comedy show on ABC and produced by Ryan Seacrest started air on February 26, 2014. Once upon a time I caught a trailer of new show on YouTube and from that moment I know this show will be good. Where the hell do I know that? Lucky instinct I suppose.

It's rare to see a concept like Mixology. Like what the narrator always said in the beginning of the episode where "This is the story of 10 strangers, one night, and all the stupid, embarrassing, ridiculous things we do To find love." is something interesting to watch and grab my attention immediately. This show takes place on a bar called 'Mix' in Manhattan where 10 single strangers (only one is engaged) meets for the first time and wait for something sparks to happen. This 10 characters have a very different and odd characteristic and in each episode we get to know more about them deeper.

Its starts off with Tom (Blake Lee) a sweet, adorable and cute guy whose just got his heart broken by his long term girlfriend Laura (Sarah Wright). Then one night his friends Bruce (Andrew Santino), a red hair funny guy and Cal (Craig Frank), a guy who's so easy to fall in love try to help Tom to get a new gal. Finally Tom laid eyes on this tough chick Maya (Ginger Gonzaga) someone that a complete opposite of Tom. Aside for those guys there are also Ron (Adam Campbell), good looking British guy who's just lost lots of his money, Jessica (Alexis Carra), a single mom from New Jersey, Fab (Frankie Shaw), a stylish and Jessica's frenemy, Liv (Kate Simses), the engaged gal who's can't make her own decision, Kacey (Vanessa Lengies), the waitress and lastly Dominic (Adan Canto), the sexy bartender.

What was so exciting about this show for me as an audience was when the writer experimenting with the character where they pair them with someone who has a complete personality to someone who has an exact characteristic and in then we're going to see what's going to happen. Is it working between them or not?
Even though its takes time only one night in a bar but Mixology definitely not a show that you can easily get bored of. There are some flash backs that keep fill us in about their childhood, past relationship, their personality and else. One thing that let me down was the lack of screen time some of the characters so we can't get to know this character better and about who they are, this characters there only as an additional to make this show a whole. Well I suppose.

Unfortunately in the beginning of May 2014, ABC cancelled the show so no second season. Overall I think Mixology is an underrated show, it has a fun, hilarious, light, cute guys, real life problem that actually happened in our real world, lots of flirty stuff and also you'll get yourself to feel something (It works for me anyway). I, as an audience who love quirky romance and lovable show will recommend you this show. 

If Mixology is a drink and my glass is empty, I would definitely want some more and more of this show

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  1. very good article and i agree it was a underrated show