Saturday, 24 May 2014

In The Flesh Series 1

Do you like a British TV Show? Do you like a supernatural and also British? This is not only supernatural but this is zombies

I've always like British show in any kind of genre. But for quite a while now I watch less the British and. more American shows. Recently I have a lot of free time and decided to catch up with some BBC's show. Finally I picked one supernatural drama, In The Flesh and one sitcom which I will talk about that later. 

Here's what you need to know about In the Flesh first:
In the Flesh is a supernatural drama from BBC, created and written by Dominic Mitchell and the show currently air their second season. But I'll talk about the first season only now. In the Flesh takes place in a valley called Roarton and set after 'The Rising' which is the zombie apocalypse and the centered character is Kieren Walker, a PDS sufferer. What is a PDS sufferer? Talk about that in a bit. 

In my perspective, the main idea of In The Flesh is kind of similar with Isaac Marion's book, Warm Bodies. The idea of both of them is zombies can be cure but the way creator to resolve this problem are different.

When The Rising happened everyone who's already dead rise from their grave and become somewhat we called zombie. In this show, the undead that being capture will be treat in a facility on Norfolk. This rotten will no longer called a zombie or that kind instead they are a PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) sufferer. This 'patient' will do some treatment to make them to remember and able feel again like they used to. To be more human. But they're not a human, they are partially. If the sufferer can be categorized as normal by their doctor they will come back to their family which means back to their community and that's where the story started. 

This show goes a little slow for me but in a good way. Bit by bit we can understand about what happened when The Rising, what happened to Kieran during that time by having a flashback that frustrated him. Not only The Rising but also Kieran's past, what was it that cause his death.

Season one actually focusing on how society in Roarton can accept the PDS sufferer back in their community. But if I'm talking about season two there are way more to it, much bigger story awaits. 

In The Flesh is quite entertaining and interesting show. I don't think this is a zombie show but it is a supernatural.  Can't wait what they have in store for the second season, will it be much darker or what?

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