Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Carrie by Stephen King

I am really anticipated the new remake movie of Stephen King’s first published novel Carrie which release this October (already released in the US) stars Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore. And this make me have a reason to start read book by Stephen King.

Carrie’s life can be categorized as very miserable. Like what Sue Snell had said “I am sorry for Carrie”. I really am. How couldn’t I? Having a crazy, abusive and fanatical Christian mother who will locked you up on a closet whenever she feels you have sins even it’s actually not a sin (I think). The way her mother treated her with the strict rules of Christian turn her into a person that likely to call ‘a freak’.

Carrie’s weirdness causing herself to be a target of bullying on High School. For example when the book started off with the scene on the shower, Carrie being thrown by napkins and tampons by the other girl. And this is the part when Carrie find out she’s on her first period. The weird part that the fact she’s sixteen and she doesn’t even know what period is or why she’s bleeding. She thought she’s bleeding to death. Can you imagine how it is feels? Although I hesitate a little when read this part which Stephen King describe it so bluntly.  Carrie has telekinetic abilities which triggered for the first time when she was 3 years-old when her mother physically abused her and with Carrie ability caused rain stones and crushed their house, ONLY their house.  Then now, what happened in the shower has triggered her telekinetic for second time and you have no idea what it/her can do.

Even though Carrie is only 253 pages, seems to be a little longer than it supposed to but I really glad with excerpts King’s provided us in every time the story begin like newspaper and statement from investigation which keep fill the reader in the knowledge about Carrie or someone around her who had important roles behind the tragedy.

As a new comer to King’s novel and consider Carrie was first published novel, I can say King has brilliant idea and he has different styles of writing which give me a giddy sometimes and I will keep continue to read another book of his.

In the end I would say to NEVER EVER bully someone who has a telekinetic power if don't want to end up like people on this book which I know FICTIONAL STORY ONLY, but... does it?

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