Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How I Met Your Mother S09E04 - The Broken Code

Still remember the ending of last episode? Of course you know what was going on between Ted and Robin on “Something Old” and “Something New”, right? Continuing last episode when Barney revealed that he saw Ted and Robin at the carousel holding hands, questioning whether Ted still has feelings for Robin.

Well, you know Barney he might say “Cool, I just wanted to air that out” but instead of actually be cool with it he kind of let’s say he was playing Ted. Barney has been asking so many things to Ted from switch room with Barney’s great aunt who doesn’t even exists, redo to wrote hundreds of cards and Barney always started his sentence with “Hey buddy, listen….” and sweet innocence Ted will answer “The best man is on it”. Worst thing of all is Barney has picked new best man to replace Ted, Billy Zabka. Ted insisted he was just comforting Robin because Barney didn’t show up. But, the holding hands was pretty weird though and It brings the Bro Code and Marshall on Marshpillow 2.0 form to resolve whether Ted broke the Bro Code or not.

While the guy try to resolve their own problem, Lily and Robin are talking about how Robin don’t have any girlfriend except for Lily. Robin indeed had a hard time to connect with woman since she was raised as a boy. It was really hilarious when Robin made comments about woman around her and when she was trying to talk with any girls in the bar but everything she said made everyone pissed off. 

I love Lily and Robin friendship till now, they both seems to be cared and protecting. They both maybe a psycho, a psycho to each other, and that is a good thing. I would like to see more of Patrice and of course the mother.  We haven’t seen her since “Coming Back”. And the Bro Code, does it really available like everywhere? Well done, Barney Stinson. (OH, and also Tim Gunn appeared on this episode)

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