Thursday, 10 October 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)

I am not really a fan of animated movie, but I can’t deny Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. On the first film, Flint invented a machine that can turn water into food and creates food weather. His invention get out of controlled and make Flint with Sam and the gang tried to stop the chaos in the island and shut down FLDSMDFR. 

After what the machine did to Swallow Falls, it’s where the film started when Chester V, the one who inspires Flint to become a scientist came to the island and he tasked by the UN to clean up Swallow Falls mess. For the clean-up process, Chester relocates the citizens to San Franjose, California. The thing is Chester isn’t from UN, he wants to find FLDSMDFR, Flint’s machine and for that reason Chester hires Flint to work on his company, Live Corp. 

Now, knowing FLDSMDFR actually survived and the machine has been making foodimals (living food) and with the foodnimals are taking over the island has prevent Chester’s team to find FLDSMDFR which located somewhere on Swallow Falls. Desperate, Chester is using Flint, someone who knows not only about the machine but also inside and out of the island to find FLDSMDFR for him without Flint’s even knowing it. To start the adventure of course Flint bring his friends, Steve, Sam, Earl, Manny, Brent and also his dad Tim. 

There are not much story that the movie has to offer to the audience. Since the very beginning, it is too much predictable like Chester V’s plan and it was too flat. Unlike the first film, the characters on this one wasn’t stand out at all. No more Flint ‘the scientist and his creation’ or Sam ‘a smart weather reporter’ or Manny showing all what he’s got and keep surprising us and else. Chemistry between Flint and Sam seems to be off, perhaps Flint being selfish caused that but still the sparks wasn’t there. 

You will find a lot of jokes on this sequel, you can’t deny how adorable Barry and marshmallow and how cool it was when Barry on the Live Corp robot suit and kick ass, or Steve’s scene with the Shrimpanzee. CWACOM2 more focusing on entertaining and make the audiences laugh rather than put a lot of story in to it and the fact the movie is targeted for children so they keep it light.
Talking about pictures, the visual of Cloudy Chance 2 makes Swallow Falls absolutely incredible with a very colorful and beautiful and shiny place, make it more alive. And guys, don’t leave your seat after the movie finish, so sit back and watch end credit first. Hint: New Swallow Falls 

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